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The Pharmacist founders of DOS Cosmetics are inspired by the timeless wisdom of both Ancient Greek Remedies and Traditional Chinese Medicine, harnessing their similarities to create exceptional skincare products. DOS embraces the shared principles of these ancient healing traditions, crafting a fusion that seamlessly blends the best of both worlds.



The idea behind DOS Cosmetics emerged from the founder's desire to provide products made exclusively from 100% natural ingredients from the fertile Greek land. Sourced and cultivated by hand from their privately owned farms; the DOS team ensure the highest quality control of their ingredients.

The strength of DOS Cosmetics lies in the effectiveness of their products. The results are not only immediate but also long-lasting. Their distinctiveness lies in their exceptional night treatments, setting them apart from other cosmetic companies.

DOS Cosmetics gladly shares their secrets for achieving a flawless daily skincare routine. Through the application of highly active ingredients, they enhance continuous cell renewal. Furthermore, their unique day creams and serums provide ongoing protection for the outcomes achieved during night treatments. DOS Cosmetics aligns their product offerings with the natural rhythm of the day, providing the skin with precisely what it requires at each moment.

Their passion revolves around achieving radiant, flawless skin—considered a fundamental right for individuals in today's modern world. As the demand for daily beauty products continues to rise, DOS Cosmetics remains committed to creating the most potent formulations using the purest natural ingredients. Their laboratories have always abstained from and will never include substances like parabens, silicones, alcohol, or petroleum excipients.

DOS Cosmetics caters to those who can discern the difference between a simple 24-hour cream and creams that genuinely offer healing and rejuvenation to their skin.