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Nadia Rapti founded her company in 2012, after graduating from fashion design school. Following a need for customising clothes that were not available in an otherwise jaded market, she built her business on her passion for fashion and will to create unique and alternative clothes to be worn by both women and men who want to express their individuality.

for the unconventional person who does not wish to follow trends; but create them.

Nadia's world is defined by a combination of contrasting elements that is present in every collection. Feminine and masculine, boho-romantic and elegant chic, sumptuous and minimal are mixed to create unique pieces for the unconventional person who does not wish to follow trends but create them.

Her collections exhale a contemporary air with her favourite colours being white and black which have become a signature characteristic but also the attraction to bold patterns that adorn her designs.

Minimal lines are combined with unique details to give a fresh and dynamic character to every creation. Special attention is also given to the choice of fabrics, the prints as well as the tailoring itself to highlight the dynamic of each person.