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An essential truth combined with visual boldness, directs the future aesthetic into the eternal now. The silhouettes of Ioanna Kourbela define their own dimension of archetypal elegance. For Ioanna Kourbela, the movement of the body as well as the dynamic interaction with the garment, constitute the fundamental element of her creative thinking.

“The garment is the home of the body.”

Energy from classical and modern art, Greek radiance and natural raw materials create the ethereal but earthly world of Ioanna. The respect towards man and nature, mix of traditional ideas and the quest for futuristic harmony, constitute her unique design and expression principles.

The brand preserves precious pieces of Greek tradition and heritage while evolving their know-how in order to take the timeless Greek aesthetics to every part of the world.

The brand participates and supports the global sustainable fashion movement as a natural dimension of their philosophy.

Having studied fashion design and painting, her collections are directly inspired by fine arts, theatre, and music as well as by the trends of global fashion thus distinguishing her among the contemporary “ambassadors” of Greek creativity.

Honouring a long tradition in Greek clothing, she took over as Creative Director of the brand in 2003, presenting the IOANNA KOURBELA BASICS collection that was awarded the Emerging Designer Awards at the international exhibition “PURE” of London in 2016.

This winter completes a 20-year cycle for the KOURBELA brand, which, based on the essence of Family Business, writes its own story on the map of Greek Fashion. In 2023, the brand takes on a global status under the new name KOURBELA.

Today the company is based in Argyroupoli, Attica.