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Kyklos was established in a blessed country renowned for its natural ingredients, which serves as a powerful catalyst for creativity. It was within this inspiring environment that the company's founder felt compelled to venture into the realm of herbal cosmetics. With an abundance of natural resources at their disposal, they sought to address the prevailing issue of daily exposure to chemical-laden and toxic products.

Thus, the decision was made to dedicate themselves to the field of natural cosmetics, utilizing exclusively nature-derived materials. Through extensive research and exploration, a remarkable gas with exceptional antioxidant properties was discovered—a breakthrough hailed by numerous scientists as the cosmetic industry's 21st-century revolution. This gas, known as active oxygen, proved to have remarkable effects on the skin and beyond.

Harnessing the potential of this innovative gas, the founder embarked on enriching Greek virgin olive oil with active oxygen. This pioneering blend led to the creation of olive oil with active oxygen—a patented, ground-breaking material renowned for its incredible and scientifically proven skin benefits.

The key innovation that sets Kyklos apart from its competitors is the incorporation of active oxygen into olive oil—an unparalleled achievement in the realm of cosmetology.

Today, Kyklos takes pride in producing innovative natural cosmetics, carefully crafted by combining this remarkable material with exquisite vegetable oils and essential oils, each selected for their specific skin-enhancing properties. They hope that customers will find as much joy and satisfaction in using these products as they do.