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Premium Greek Natural Skincare

Born in 2020 from a quest for natural, effective and ethical skincare, Oriad Athens curates luxurious unisex products formulated with the highest quality, plant-based ingredients. Their mission is to redefine natural skincare, shattering the notion that it cannot be both powerful and luxurious.

Oriad Athens meticulously blends the purest Greek raw materials with clinically proven herbal actives, crafting advanced formulas that deliver visible results. Their commitment to clean beauty extends beyond the product itself. They proudly use sustainable practices, stand against animal cruelty and are formulated without harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances, and ingredients harmful to the environment.

They believe that skincare should be inclusive, uncomplicated and cater to all genders so you can share your Oriad product with your partner, as beauty, wellness and self-care have no gender boundaries.

Beyond just skincare, Oriad Athens embodies a philosophy of mindful living. They believe in extending kindness to oneself, others and the planet. This ethos manifests in their commitment to sustainable practices as they contribute part of their revenue from sales to organizations dedicated to protecting animals and the environment.

Experience the transformative power of natural luxury with Oriad Athens. Embrace a brand that prioritizes both your well-being and the well-being of the planet, while indulging in the efficacy of their exquisite & meticulously crafted skincare products.