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Article: VOGUE GREECE | A Spotlight on Nadia Rapti's Electric Souls Collection

VOGUE GREECE | A Spotlight on Nadia Rapti's Electric Souls Collection

VOGUE GREECE | A Spotlight on Nadia Rapti's Electric Souls Collection

2-3 min read

Nadia Rapti throws out the rulebook with her Fall/Winter 2022-23 collection, 'Electric Souls'. This is power dressing redefined, an ode to embracing your unique essence and expressing it with unwavering confidence.

Style as Self-Expression

Rapti recognises that style is a powerful tool for storytelling. It's a reflection of our inner world, an outward expression of our personality and life philosophy. The key lies in embracing experimentation and celebrating what makes you unique.

A Blast from the Past, Electrified for the Present

For Fall/Winter 2022-23, Rapti draws inspiration from two iconic eras: the glamorous rebellion of 1970s glam rock and the assertive power dressing of the 1980s. The result? Electric Souls, a collection that's as dynamic and multifaceted as we are.

This collection pays homage to legendary performers who ignited the world with their talent. Imagine the electrifying energy of Studio 54, the birthplace of countless fashion icons. Rapti reimagines this legacy for the modern era, offering a collection that empowers you to showcase all facets of your personality, even the sides you might keep hidden.

Beyond the Expected

Step into fall with a wardrobe that defies convention. Think dresses with flowing fabrics and unexpected movement, juxtaposed with touches of luxurious gloss. Coloured leathers add a touch of vibrancy, while jackets with dramatic volumes redefine the silhouette. Rock-inspired details like studs and chains add a touch of edge, while padded shoulders create a bold and powerful statement. Statement fur coats and suits with cinched waists rewrite the rules of office attire.

Versatility is Key

Electric Souls isn't just about showstopping pieces. The collection also features essential elements like jeans, high-waisted trousers, and t-shirts, offering a foundation for endless outfit combinations. The goal is a capsule wardrobe that empowers you to create a unique look every day, a look that transcends mere necessity and becomes a personal expression.

Breaking Boundaries

In keeping with Rapti's design philosophy, Electric Souls embraces gender fluidity. These pieces are designed for anyone who dares to push boundaries and express their personality without limitations.

A Storybook Budapest Backdrop

The NR campaign, shot in Budapest, Hungary, perfectly captures the essence of the collection. This fairy-tale city, brimming with captivating contrasts, serves as a backdrop for a journey through time. The retro-glam interior of a historic hotel evokes a bygone era, juxtaposed with the modern energy of a bustling European capital. This visual dialogue reflects the collection's ability to bridge past and present, creating a style that's timeless yet undeniably modern.


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