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At Grecian, we take pride in our selection of European slow fashion & clean beauty brands. Every partner we collaborate with has been meticulously chosen to reflect our commitment to sustainability, ethical production and superior quality.

Unlike fast fashion manufacturers and unethical cosmetic corporations, we refuse to make compromises; our curated brands all share this value to ensure their garments and skincare products are crafted with care and consideration for both people and the planet.

This is the European difference.

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Ancient Greek Remedies + Traditional Chinese Medicine

The Pharmacist founders of DOS Cosmetics are inspired by the timeless wisdom of both Ancient Greek Remedies and Traditional Chinese Medicine, harnessing their similarities to create exceptional skincare products. DOS embraces the shared principles of these ancient healing traditions, crafting a fusion that seamlessly blends the best of both worlds.

Drawing from the rich botanical heritage of Greece and the holistic approach of Chinese herbal remedies, their skincare formulations incorporate the finest natural ingredients known for their nourishing and rejuvenating properties. The innovative skincare products that harmonise ancient wisdom with modern science, empower you to embark on a transformative skincare journey rooted in tradition and backed by cutting-edge research.

The idea behind DOS Cosmetics emerged from the founder's desire to provide products made exclusively from 100% natural ingredients from the fertile Greek land. Sourced and cultivated by hand from their privately owned farms; the DOS team ensure the highest quality control of their ingredients.

Experience the beauty secrets of the past, reimagined for the present, and discover a new level of skincare excellence with DOS Cosmetics.

Discover DOS Cosmetics


"Love the collagen day and night cream with the cleanser. Great line of products and understand why they have won awards."

Bernadette L. for DOS Elixir No3® Marine Collagen Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream


"I have been using DOS products for about five years. The Collagen Cleanser is AMAZING. From the first application, my face felt clean and brighter."

M.S. for DOS Elixir No1® Marine Collagen Face & Eyes Cleanser


"Haven't been using these for very long but soo happy with the results already! Can tell the difference each morning."

Sylvia for The DOS Mini Collagen Set


Organic Botanicals

Aeolis embarks on extensive research into Greek organic botanicals, utilising over fifty-five natural or organic ingredients with a core focus on olive tree extracts. Drawing inspiration from the captivating charisma of the Aegean Sea, Aeolis embodies the artistry of skincare, striking the perfect balance between natural ingredients, exquisite textures and coveted fragrances.

Aeolis formulations are created with local plant knowledge of Greek organic botanicals and more than 30 years of scientific expertise.

"Our philosophy is rooted in the legacies and pure healing remedies of our Greek region, incorporating the sun, sea, aromas, plants and herbs into a sensorial and natural therapy that rejuvenates the mind, body and soul."

Explore our Aeolis range


"This smells so good, it's the second product I've purchased from these guys, such an amazing aroma!!"

Roula H for Aeolis Body Lotion with Organic Fig, Lime & Dittany of Crete


"Absorbs quickly and smells great, cute little product very happy"

Maia for Aeolis Mastic Repairing & Moisturising Hand Cream


"I've been using this for a few weeks now and I'm really impressed. The lines around my eyes seem less noticeable and the puffiness has gone down a lot."

LitsaB for Aeolis Age Defence Eye Cream with Organic Mulberry Leaves & Mastic


active oxygen + organic olive oil

The key innovation that sets Kyklos apart from its competitors is the incorporation of active oxygen into olive oil - an unparalleled achievement in the realm of cosmetology.

Harnessing the potential of this innovative gas, the founder embarked on enriching Greek virgin olive oil with active oxygen. This pioneering blend led to the creation of olive oil with active oxygen - a patented, ground-breaking material renowned for its incredible and scientifically proven skin benefits.

Kyklos takes pride in producing innovative natural cosmetics, carefully crafted by combining their patented formula with exquisite vegetable oils and essential oils, each selected for their specific skin-enhancing properties.

Discover the Kyklos collection


"Highly recommend this body oil. I did have a light spray tan, but this sun-kissed glow took my skin to the next level. It is so nourishing. I love it! I just have to use it whenever I go out, especially now in summer."

Demetra for Kyklos Sun-Kissed Glow Shimmering Body Oil


"This face oil is beautiful; it absorbs quick and doesn't make my skin feel greasy."

Lisa K for Kyklos Day Protection Face Oil


"Switched from using a canned face mist to this one. Refreshing and hydrating on hot days, especially when under the aircon all day and my skin is extra dehydrated"

Jaime C for Kyklos Face & Neck Mist


luxurious unisex skincare

Oriad Athens offers luxurious, unisex skincare that blends the essence of Greece with cutting-edge science. They source the purest Greek raw materials and combine them with innovative extracts & active ingredients, certified by renowned Swiss & French biotech laboratories for their clinically proven results. Their meticulous formulas, 99-100% natural and free from harsh & toxic chemicals, deliver visible results while remaining gentle on the skin.

Oriad Athens believe that skincare should be inclusive, uncomplicated and cater to all genders so you can share your Oriad product with your partner, as beauty, wellness and self-care have no gender boundaries.

Explore Oriad Athens


"Absolutely obsessed with all these amazing products, they smell so good and so easy to apply, will buy again."

Tina for Oriad Mediterranean Anti-Aging Set


"Finally! A serum that does what it says - I've used so many products that promise the world but deliver nothing. This serum is different. My skin looks and feels years younger. Love the natural ingredients too."

Tayla for Oriad Ultra Rich Regenerating Serum


"This toner is a bit more expensive than what I usually buy, but it's definitely worth it. The quality of the natural ingredients is top-notch and my skin feels amazing after using it. It's like a spa treatment in a bottle!"

Fotini for Oriad Pure Hydrating Balancing Toner


handmade organic olive oil soaps

Vis Olivae (meaning 'The Power of the Olive Tree') honours the rich heritage of the Mediterranean by crafting natural, handcrafted soaps in Kalamata, Greece. Inspired by the olive tree's vital role in the region's history and culture, Vis Olivae continues this legacy by harnessing the goodness of olive oil to create luxurious and nourishing skincare essentials. The brand's work extends beyond their products. They actively partner with local olive groves that practise sustainable farming methods, ensuring the long-term health of the land and the future of olive oil production.

They believe the olive tree embodies strength, vitality and a deep connection to the land. This essence is reflected in their commitment to using only the finest natural ingredients, free from harsh chemicals and artificial additives. Their handcrafted soaps are a luxurious indulgence that celebrates tradition, quality and the timeless beauty of the olive tree. Vis Olivae soaps are a testament to the versatility of olive oil. Their dedicated team of artisans meticulously hand crafts each bar using traditional methods, ensuring the highest quality and efficacy.

Discover Vis Olivae


"Words can't describe how amazing these soaps smell! Instantly transports me to a Greek Island hotel. Love!"

CJ for Vis Olivae Bitter Orange Organic Soap Bar


"Obsessed with these soaps, they lather up nicely and the aromas are unbelievable. Only buying organic from here out."

Maria for Vis Olivae Donkey Milk & Active Charcoal Organic Olive Oil Soap Bar


"The Vis Olivae olive oil soap bars are something special! I've recently made the switch to all-natural and so happy I stumbled across this brand."

Stacey for Vis Olivae Prickly Pear & Aloe Vera Organic Olive Oil Soap Bars


gender of freedom

Nadia Rapti believes in 'Gender of Freedom', meaning that each individual should be able to express their personality through every garment. She enriches her collections with unisex designs, so that all can feel the freedom to wear what expresses them, a style based on authenticity and confidence. 

Minimal lines are combined with unique details to give a fresh and dynamic character to every creation. Special attention is also given to the choice of fabrics, the prints as well as the tailoring itself to highlight the dynamic of each person.


Shop Nadia Rapti


"Unbelievable quality, I'll be wearing it all through Summer. My go-to for North Bondi cocktails!!"

Nathan for the Nadia Rapti Unisex Capri Shirt


"Thanks guys this piece is so stunning I can't deal. Fast shipping too."

Genna for the Nadia Rapti Jardin De Chic Croise Dress


"This dress is pure perfection; the forest green colour and drape are stunning."

Evangline for the Nadia Rapti Cote De Fleur Wrap Dress

Swimsuit model with bronze tan and sunglasses wearing a denim jacket and bikini looking at the camera



The Lida brand was born in 1988 to make every woman feel special. The company designs and produces high quality, stylish swimwear & lingerie collections for the Greek market and abroad.

Embrace the sun-kissed days and oceanic escapades with Lida's captivating swimwear line. Whether you seek moments of relaxation on the sandy shores or thrilling dives into the waves, Lida's designs are meticulously crafted to evoke a profound sense of freedom, confidence and lightness. With minimalist one-pieces that exude timeless elegance and vibrant, colorful bikinis that make a bold statement, Lida is the ultimate companion for your beach adventures.

Shop the Lida collection


"Can't believe I found this brand here so excited. Love my one-piece the crochet accents are so nice."

Mel for the Lida Crocheted Lace One Piece Swimsuit


"Hated buying bikinis until now, finally something for bigger bust women. Fabric & support is unreal."

Zahra for the Lida Blue Floral Pattern Bikini Top


"Such a cumfy and versatile number. I don't usually wear things without accessories but this one speaks for itself and I find that I don't need to add much."

Nikki for the Lida Geometric Print Jumpsuit


flowing femininity for the modern woman

Blameyourdaze is an Athens-based clothing concept store that intertwines apparel and craftsmanship with daze and imagination. With the modern woman in mind, the brand's unique aesthetic draws inspiration from fluid femininity, crafting playful and minimalist pieces that embrace the joys of everyday life. These designs are meant to be treasured, worn repeatedly and become imbued with cherished memories and a deep sense of affection.

Established in 2014, Blameyourdaze handpicks unique luscious fabrics and exquisite designs to create long-lasting collections designed to be practical, comfortable but also to effortlessly enhance your wardrobe.

”Women should have the freedom to reflect their personality through their clothing while enjoying any contradiction by combining feminine with masculine pieces, the classical with the super modern but above all, they should buy pieces that make them feel like they own the world."

Shop Blameyourdaze


"Super soft material and they fall so well, great for work or a night out."

Lauren F for the Blameyourdaze Apollo Trouser Pants


"One of my new staples, the fabric is comfortable and quite thick you can tell it's high quality and not cheaply made. Very happy with this top!"

Theodora for the Blameyourdaze Amathea Scallop Top


"Such a funky shirt, I've worn it so many times already it's so versatile."

Irini for the Blameryoudaze Otis Oversized Shirt



An essential truth combined with visual boldness, directs the future aesthetic into the eternal now. The silhouettes of Kourbela define their own dimension of archetypal elegance. For Ioanna Kourbela, the movement of the body as well as the dynamic interaction with the garment, form the fundamental element of her creative thinking.

Energy from classical and modern art, Greek radiance and natural raw materials create the ethereal but earthly world of Kourbela. The respect towards man and nature, mix of traditional ideas and the quest for futuristic harmony, constitute their unique design and expression principles.


Shop Kourbela


"Super comfortable and love this designer - the fabric hugs my body but at the same time doesn't feel rigid or restrictive. Will be buying the other colour too as I'm obsessed!"

Eikaterina for the Kourbela Urban Reset Rib Long Knit Dress


"Love the leather look and so glad to find a vegan friendly version! the best."

Laura N for the Kourbela Double Touch Pants


"Been looking for a dress for work that's not the usual corporate office wear - something stylish and high quality. This is it!"

Melanie S for the Kourbela First Sketches Mini Dress